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    Por qué se llama parapente

    Why is it called paragliding?

    The word “paragliding” comes from the combination of two terms:

    1. Para-: This prefix comes from the Greek “para”, meaning “beside” or “next to”. In this context, it refers to the configuration of the wing-shaped wing that is “next to” or “beside” the paraglider during flight.
    2. -Pente: This suffix has its roots in French, and means “slope” or “incline”. Refers to the slope or inclination required for paraglider take-off. Take-off is often from a slope or hillside, which facilitates the process of inflating the glider and lifting into the air.


    Thus, the term “paragliding” effectively describes the activity: a light, unpowered aircraft that flies “alongside” paragliders, often taking off from slopes or hillsides.

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