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    The Teide Paragliding flight offers you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience while you contemplate the natural landscapes of the north of Tenerife.

    Take-off: Izaña
    Landing: Puerto de la Cruz or Güimar (depending on weather conditions)


    Paragliding Teide

    For those looking for big thrills, Izaña is the perfect place. Located at high altitude, this take-off point offers long-haul and long-duration flights.

    Flying from Izaña gives you the opportunity to contemplate the majesty of the Teide National Park from the air.

    Paragliding Teide
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    Why choose El Teide for your paragliding flight?

    The Teide paragliding flight will allow you to contemplate the beautiful and impressive natural landscapes of the north of the island as well as the Teide National Park with its forest crown and the Orotava Valley.

    The take-off point (Izaña) is at a high altitude, 2200 metres above sea level, so this flight offers a great opportunity to experience a long journey to the landing point in Puerto de la Cruz.

    Your day of flying in Paragliding Teide

    We show you in a few simple steps how your paragliding day on Teide will be.

    Get ready for your paragliding flight

    Before you take to the skies, it is essential to be well prepared. Here we explain everything you need to know before your paragliding adventure on Teide.

    What should you take with you?

    Paragliding Teide

    Why choose us for your
    paragliding flight in El Teide?

    At Enminube we pride ourselves on offering unique and exciting adventures.
    Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable flying experience.
    We want you to enjoy the freedom and thrill of flying like a bird while marvelling at the spectacular scenery our island has to offer.

    We strive to guarantee your safety and comfort at all times, so that you can relax and enjoy your aerial adventure to the full.

    Enminube paragliding is a company legally constituted and authorised by the Canary Islands Government’s Ministry of Tourism, which has accredited pilots with professional qualifications and more than 30 years of experience on its staff, and which complies with all the requirements included in the Canary Islands Active Tourism Law.


    We prioritise your protection during the flight. That's why we work with certified and carefully checked equipment to ensure a 100% risk-free experience.


    Our pilots have all the necessary qualifications and more than 30 years of experience in the practice of this sport.

    Personalised Attention

    We focus on offering you a friendly, close and fun service to make your Paragliding experience in Tenerife unforgettable.

    Other flight zones

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    Tipo de vuelo

    Acrobatic, Efficiency, Excursion


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