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    Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

    Paragliding in Tenerife is a fascinating experience that combines the thrill of flight with the natural beauty of the island. With its breathtaking landscapes and ideal weather conditions, Tenerife has become a popular destination for paragliding enthusiasts. The island offers ideal climatic and geographical conditions for tandem paragliding.

    With its beautiful scenery, impressive cliffs and gentle breezes, it is a paradise for air sports enthusiasts. In addition, the island has an excellent tourist infrastructure and experienced professionals who guarantee a safe and exciting experience.

    So, get ready to take off and explore Tenerife from above!

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    Choose your paragliding flight
    in Tenerife

    With Enminube Parapente you can choose the type of flight that best suits your personality, whether you are an adrenaline lover or if you prefer a quieter flight, enjoy a unique experience, choosing the type of paragliding flight that best suits you.

    El más vendido
    • Parapente Excursión

    • desde €130/pax
    • Ideal si es tu primera experiencia

      • Transporte (ida y vuelta)
      • Duración: 25 min (Mínimo garantizado)
      • Fotografía (Recuerda tu experiencia)


    • Parapente Rendimiento

    • 180/pax
    • Ideal si eres aventurero/a

      • Transporte (ida y vuelta)
      • Duración: 40 min (Mínimo garantizado)
      • Fotografía (Recuerda tu experiencia)
      • Técnicas para aprovechar las condiciones meteorológicas
      • Oportunidad de pilotar durante el vuelo


    • Parapente Acrobático

    • 180/pax
    • Ideal buscas emociones fuertes

      • Transporte (ida y vuelta)
      • Duración: 25 min (Mínimo garantizado)
      • Fotografía (Recuerda tu experiencia)
      • Aprende sobre energía, reparto de pesos y sincronización
      • Experimenta las mejores piruetas y maniobras


    Flying zones

    Tenerife is known for its breathtaking scenery and pleasant climate all year round.
    These characteristics make the island a perfect place for paragliding.

    Tenerife offers a wide variety of flying areas to suit both beginners and experienced pilots.
    Choose your zone!

    • El Teide

      Take to the skies over one of the most spectacular places in the world, paragliding over the Teide National Park.

    • Taganana

      A flight with views of a natural landscape. Fly between the mountains of the Anaga Natural Park.

    • Los Realejos

      Experience the sensation of flying from La Corona, landing on the beach of El Socorro in Los Realejos.

    • Güímar

      The unique landscape of the south of the island. We will fly from the mountain of Anocheza to the Puertito de Güímar.

    • Adeje

      A fascinating flight in the south of the island. Departing from Ifonche and landing at Playa de la Enramada

    • El Tanque

      A unique landscape in the north of the island. Departure from Tierra del Trigo and landing in Los Silos.


    Give the gift of a paragliding flight in Tenerife, an unforgettable experience, full of emotions and natural beauty.

    Enjoy spectacular panoramic views, a dose of adrenaline and the sensation of flying like a bird.

    Encourage adventure and create memories that will last forever!

    Why choose us for your
    paragliding in Tenerife

    Enminube wants to give you an unforgettable paragliding experience in Tenerife. We are proud to offer unique and exciting adventures for you to enjoy the freedom and thrill of flying like a bird while marvelling at the scenery.

    We strive to guarantee your safety and comfort at all times, so that you can relax and enjoy your aerial adventure to the full.

    Enminube paragliding is a company legally constituted and authorised by the Canary Islands Government’s Ministry of Tourism, which has accredited pilots with professional qualifications and more than 30 years of experience on its staff, and which complies with all the requirements included in the Canary Islands Active Tourism Law.


    We prioritise your protection during the flight. That's why we work with certified and carefully checked equipment to ensure a 100% risk-free experience.


    Our pilots have all the necessary qualifications and more than 30 years of experience in the practice of this sport.

    Personalised Attention

    We focus on offering you a friendly, close and fun service to make your Paragliding experience in Tenerife unforgettable.

    Axa insurance

    Todos nuestros vuelos están asegurados.

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    Your paragliding day in Tenerife

    We’ll show you in just a few short steps what your paragliding day in Tenerife will be like.

    Parapente en Tenerife

    Frequently asked questions

    Take a look at the frequently asked questions from our users.
    If your question is not in the list, you can contact us and we will attend to you personally.

    You can book your paragliding flight on this website by clicking on Book flight, or you can also call us at: + 34 606977920.

    If you are not a phone or e-commerce user, you can write to us at the following email address: We will automatically reserve the place(s) for you. The day before we will confirm that the weather conditions are suitable and if so, we will let you know the place and time to pick you up and take off.

    Depending on the area chosen for flying, and the corresponding transfer times, the total duration of the activity is around two to three hours, including travel, preparations and the flight itself.

    We have our own vehicle with an official Transport Card, with which we will pick you up at the usual meeting point at the flying area (La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz, Güímar or Adeje) to take you and your instructor to the take-off point.

    In this case you can change the date of your flight to try another day with good weather. If you have made an advance purchase and no other dates are available, we will refund the full amount of your purchase.

    The times will depend on the weather conditions and the season of the year. The day before your flight, we will confirm the most suitable times for the date you have booked. These are usually 9:00, 12:00 and 16:00.

    It is not necessary to bring anything special, you should wear comfortable clothes, preferably sportswear, and it is important that you wear long trousers and closed sports shoes.

    In flight, the wind chill is less than the actual temperature, so it is advisable to wear a light coat, and we will provide you with a windbreaker and gloves so that you don’t get cold during the activity.

    Yes, the helmet fastening system for the flight, provided by the instructor, avoids losing any type of goggles. You can fly with both prescription glasses and sunglasses.

    Paragliding Tenerife
    Paragliding Teide

    Yes, to be able to fly within the safety margins, your weight must be between 35 kg and 120 kg. If your weight is close to these limits, it is advisable to inform us at the time of booking.

    Yes, Yes, the passenger’s age may not exceed 70 years old, according to the clauses of the accident and rescue insurance that covers the activity. Minors may fly with a declaration of consent signed by an adult who declares him/herself to be the minor’s guardian.

    This is not necessary. Your instructor will fly with a high resolution camera to take spectacular photographs during the flight, which will be sent to you by email on the day of the activity. These pictures are included in the price.

    You can purchase a gift card, either by buying it through our website or picking it up in person at our address in La Laguna. This card can be purchased to fly in the area and type of flight that you indicate, and has six months from the date of delivery to be redeemed.

    At Enminube we follow an elementary principle of aviation and that is that «Safety first» when paragliding. To guarantee protection, we have all the necessary safety measures to ensure that you enjoy the most incredible and totally risk-free flight. We have a qualified professional staff with the relevant federal titles to be flight instructors.

    Your backpack or bag will be safe in our van while you enjoy the clouds, so you don’t have to worry.

    We will pick you and your instructor up with our vehicle at the landing point and return together to the meeting point, hoping that you have had an unforgettable experience.

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