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    Quién inventó el parapente

    Who invented the paraglider?

    Paragliding, as a recreational and sporting activity, has its roots in the work of several pioneers. However, one of the most prominent names associated with the early development of paragliding is the Frenchman Jean-Claude Bétemps.

    In 1965, Bétemps, together with his friend André Bohn, built and successfully performed the first paragliding flight from the side of a mountain in the Haute-Savoie region of France. They used a rectangular wing and a modified parachute, which marked the beginning of the modern paragliding era.

    Subsequently, other enthusiasts and designers contributed to the development and refinement of paragliding as we know it today. Significant advances were made in the design of sails, harnesses and other components to improve performance and safety.

    While Bétemps is recognised as one of the pioneers, the glider evolved through the collaboration of various enthusiasts and designers over the years. Se lograron avances significativos en el diseño de velas, arneses y otros componentes para mejorar el rendimiento y la seguridad.

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