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    Qué se siente al saltar en parapente

    What is it like to paraglide?

    The sensation of paragliding is unique and exciting. On take-off, the pilot is on the ground with the glider extended above him. With the wind filling the sail, the pilot starts to run forward downhill. As the speed increases and the glider is fully inflated, the paraglider feels an upward force that lifts him off the ground.

    Once in the air, the sensation is one of weightlessness and freedom. The transition from running on dry land to floating in the air is exciting and can generate a mixture of adrenaline and awe. The panoramic view from the air and the feeling of being suspended in the sky contribute to a unique experience.

    During the flight, paragliders can experience a variety of emotions, from calm and serenity to the thrill of controlled manoeuvres and turns. The interaction with air currents and the ability to rise and fall according to weather conditions contribute to a dynamic and exhilarating experience.

    In short, paragliding offers a complete sensory experience that combines the thrill of take-off with the serenity of flying freely in the sky. Each flight can be different, providing a variety of sensations and emotions throughout the experience.

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