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    Dónde se puede volar en parapente

    Where can I go paragliding?

    Paragliding can be practised in various locations, provided that certain safety conditions are met and local regulations are respected. Some of the common paragliding locations include:

    • Mountains and Hills: Many paragliders choose to launch from natural elevations, such as mountains or hills. These sites provide ideal take-off altitudes and also offer updrafts that can be used to prolong the flight.
    • Coastal slopes: Slopes near the coast can also offer favourable conditions for paragliding. The combination of topography and sea breezes creates updrafts that are beneficial for flight.
    • Specially designated areas: Some areas are specifically designated for paragliding. These areas usually have facilities and services for paragliders, and comply with specific regulations to ensure safety.
    • Events and Competitions: Many paragliding events and competitions are held at designated venues. These events often attract paragliders from all over the world and are held in locations with ideal conditions.


    It is crucial that paragliders respect local regulations, obtain the necessary permits and check weather conditions before flying. Safety is a priority, and choosing suitable locations contributes significantly to a safe and enjoyable paragliding experience.

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