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    paragliding preparations

    Preparations for a paragliding flight

    Before embarking on the fascinating adventure of flying, every paragliding flight requires some previous steps and procedures that guarantee that the experience will be as we have planned it, safe and satisfactory.

    These steps begin the day before the flight with the study of the weather conditions and the evaluation of the same in order to ensure that these conditions are ideal for paragliding.

    The day of the flight, and reached the take-off point, we make sure that the weather forecasts are met, and we undertake the next step in the company of the passenger, with whom we start an informative talk about the peculiarities of the flight we are going to perform; what kind of flight we are going to develop, what landscapes we will contemplate, what approximate duration, heights and distances we will cover, etc., to continue with some brief indications on how we are going to perform the take-off maneuver, and how the passenger will help us in the execution of the same

    The procedure does not end there. With the impatient desire to take the step to fly, and once the flight equipment is in place, all the safety elements are checked, and the passenger and pilot are “uniformed” with their harnesses and helmets, the final check that the safety elements are conveniently arranged and that everything is in place, a task that is supervised by a third member of the team, to ensure that nothing is overlooked, except us, after takeoff, which we will pass very high.

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