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    Qué tan seguro es montar en parapente

    How safe is paragliding?

    Paragliding safety depends on several factors, including pilot skills, weather conditions, equipment used and adherence to safety rules and procedures.

    When practised properly and responsibly, paragliding can be a fairly safe activity, but like any adventure sport, there are always inherent risks.
    Some aspects that contribute to paragliding safety are:

    • Proper training: It is essential to receive full and proper training before attempting to fly paragliding independently. Qualified instructors will teach flying techniques, safety rules, and how to deal with emergency situations.
    • Choice of location and weather conditions: Choosing the right flying location and paying attention to weather conditions is crucial. Flying in unsafe places or in adverse weather conditions can increase risks.
    • Quality equipment and maintenance: Using quality paragliding equipment and ensuring that it is well maintained is essential for safety. This includes the paraglider itself, the harness, the helmet and any other related equipment.
    • Knowledge of and compliance with regulations: Compliance with local regulations and adherence to flight rules contributes to overall safety. This includes respecting permitted altitudes, flight zones, and airspace restrictions.


    Despite these precautions, it is important to recognise that any adventure sport carries certain risks. Paragliders must always be alert, aware of their surroundings and prepared to make safe decisions. Risk management and the responsible use of acquired skills are fundamental to the safe enjoyment of the paragliding experience.

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