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    Cuanto peso resiste un parapente

    How much weight can a paraglider support?

    The weight capacity that a glider can withstand depends on the specific type and size of the glider, but as a general rule the maximum weight should not exceed 240 kg. Paragliders come in various categories, sizes and ratings according to the maximum load they can carry, and this information is usually indicated by the manufacturer.

    In general terms, paragliders are designed to support the weight of the pilot and, in some cases, the weight of additional equipment such as backpacks or cameras. The load capacity is expressed as the recommended weight range for which the glider has been certified.

    Paragliders of different sizes and categories may have different load capacities. For example, a larger, higher performance glider may have a higher carrying capacity than a smaller glider designed for beginners. Detailed information on the specific load capacity of a glider can be found in the specifications provided by the manufacturer and on the equipment labels.

    It is essential that pilots respect the manufacturer’s recommended load capacities and avoid exceeding these limits to ensure the safety and proper performance of the glider during flight.

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