Paragliding Excursion

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Paragliding in Tenerife

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A Paragliding flight in Tenerife

Contemplate the most unique corners of the island of Tenerife from a different perspective with a tandem paragliding excursion.

In the company of qualified pilots/instructors. Half an hour ride through the clouds in which you will discover the sensations of free flight...

A day, we assure you, will be unforgettable, as we have been transmitted by passengers who have practiced Tandem Paragliding with us.

Services included in this plan:

Transportation by enminube van to the takeoff, from the meeting point.

2. Tandem flight lasting 25 minutes.

3. Transportation by enminube van from the landing site to the original meeting place.

4. Photographic report.

5. Civil Liability Insurance.

Remember that after the purchase we will contact you to specify the date on which you want to fly. =)


Puerto de la Cruz, El Teide, Los Realejos, Taganana

60 reviews on Paragliding Excursion

  1. Ángel Bautista García -

    An unforgettable experience, for the flight itself and for the environment where it takes place. Exquisite treatment, professionalism and good work give rise to great confidence when flying. Thank you, a big hug.

  2. Angel -

    Incredible experience with a very professional team. 100% recommended

  3. José Palomo -

    An unforgettable experience, I had a huge illusion to do it, it has been exciting to live the thrill of flying, feel in the face and touch the clouds with your hands, float among them, the landscapes all the flight has been exciting, they are a great team of professionals very responsible with safety in their tasks, cordial and always encouraging during the flight, I recommend it I will do it again....
    A big greeting to the whole team.

  4. Jana Geburzky -

    I had a wonderful adventure with a very experienced team.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Elia -

    An experience I will repeat. A team of professionals 100% recommendable.

  6. Bruno -

    Magnificent experience, everything perfect, 100% recommendable.

  7. Benito -

    A great experience to repeat without any doubt and also with this group of professionals you can go quiet and very safe thank you very much.....

  8. Lilli and Luisa -

    We wanted to give our daughters (13 and 12 years old) an unforgettable experience after the long Corona pandemic and we gave them a paragliding flight for Easter. And it was really an unforgettable and wonderful experience. The professionalism of the pilots, the superb organization and the incredible experience of nature above the clouds on the face of Teide will remain in the enthusiastic memory for us and our daughters forever. We highly recommend the team.
    Thank you very much.

  9. Carmen (14 years old today!) -

    Although I was a bit nervous (with my daughter flying at the same time I felt double worry) they made me feel totally safe and enjoy as if flying was the most natural thing in the world! 🙂 Great team, beautiful people; we are looking forward to repeat! Thank you!

  10. Carmen (14 years old today!) -

    Absolutely amazing. I had the best birthday of my life. Borja, Rogelio and Carlos are super nice, kind and funny.

  11. Saul -

    Huge, great professionals and better people. The experience and the views from the air are unforgettable. Totally recommended, it is something you should try at least once in your life. I loved it!

  12. Michael Müller -

    Es lief alles sehr einfach und unkompliziert ab. The team has made a professional impression and I had a great experience! I can only recommend it to everyone! Thank you very much for this unique experience.

  13. Fried -

    Ein tolles Erlebnis mit sehr angenehmen, sympathischen und professionellen Piloten! The view over Adeje and the land at the beach were great! The photos are all great illustrations and the planning was very enjoyable! I am looking forward to meet you again!

  14. Joshua -

    An incredible experience! The team was very professional and very nice, the flight was amazing and I would repeat without hesitation! It was the first time we did this activity, both Sofi and I, and we really liked it! Thank you very much!

  15. mario -

    It is the second time I fly with you and both times I met Borja, he is a charming and professional person. The other two people, Felix and Rogelio, are just as nice. They are very professional so I recommend them 100%.
    Good luck and I hope to see you soon.
    A big hug and we hope to see you in Asturias.
    Marga and Mario

  16. Joel Donate -

    Undoubtedly a great experience that everyone should try, the Enminube team is very professional and customer friendly, thank you very much for the experience!

  17. Margot -

    Excellent experience!!! It is one of those things that everyone should try once in life, and if you do it with a team like those of enmi nube sure you will want to repeat super nice and professional at all times, thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

  18. Tamara Sanchez -

    An incredible experience!
    Thank you for the good treatment, for explaining everything and for the wonderful flight! The views were beautiful and the experience highly recommended.

  19. Mònica -

    wonderful experience. Very professional team. I highly recommend it.

  20. Manuel -

    I loved the experience, I was nervous at first to see the views from the top of the slope of Teide and thought we were going to jump from there, but the nerves dissipated as soon as I took off, the visibility was total and we enjoyed the flight very much, it was very relaxed and enriching to hear the indications of the instructor, I totally recommend it.

  21. Rachel (verified owner) -

    A fantastic experience. The monitors showed great professionalism, the material was impeccable. 100% recommendable!

  22. Cheché Real -

    Incredible experience, I travel by motorcycle, the feeling is like riding a motorcycle "through the sky". The company and the pilots are 10. Great treatment and safety. A greeting to Joseba, my pilot. Of course I will repeat, and I will pass on these incredible sensations to the people around me.

  23. Jesus E. Diaz Perez -

    If you can appreciate this experience, it is only by flying and, with this equipment, you will undoubtedly achieve it... join us! Fly and not only with your imagination...

  24. Jesus E. Diaz Perez -

    If you can appreciate this experience, it is only by flying and, with this equipment, you will undoubtedly achieve it... join us! Fly and not only with your imagination...

  25. Javier and Carolina -

    100% recommended!!! An incredible experience and a great team! The monitors are very good and they take care of you great! If you plan to do this plan, do it with this company!

  26. Jaime Gonzalez -

    To repeat! A unique experience that you have to do at least once in your life, and what better with the great professionals of Enminube. Do not miss it!

  27. Andrea Schmidt -

    Ein Traum über den Wolken von Teneriffa zu starten. Vielen Dank an das hervorragende Team !!!!

  28. Zvezdin -

    Just incredible. These people love their job, and it shows. The actual experience, whilst amazing, wasn't so important to me. What matters is how they communicate with you, how understanding and empathetic they are, and therefore how do they treat you - as a business customer and source of money, or as a human being whose day they can help make brilliant 🙂

  29. Anna Horwath -

    It was really perfect! and the guide made you feel so safe and well taken care of! Would do it all again!

  30. Mayte -

    I have ridden for the first time in paragliding and I found it a fantastic experience. I have enjoyed a lot with Rogelio, a great professional, who has given me total security and an incomparable treatment. I recommend him to everyone. I will repeat. Thank you

  31. César pleasures -

    Unique experience, professional, excellent treatment and they give you a lot of security and confidence.

  32. Miguel -

    Unbeatable! Everything perfect, very professional and attentive, 100% recommendable.

  33. Maria Elena -

    Spectacular. Totally recommended for the professionalism, the treatment received and the experience that is unique.

  34. Emma (verified owner) -

    Unforgettable experience, to repeat and continue enjoying the landscape and the sky of our land.

  35. Paco -

    Treatment 10, professionalism 10, landing 10, security 10, little more to say, I will repeat.

  36. Tim Loesbrock -

    Flying above all these old vulcanos and from the snow to the beach in 30 minutes. Fantastic! =) I loved it a lot and felt 100% safe all the time. Its been big fun! =)

  37. Naira -

    Incredible experience. With wonderful professionals. Thank you for making this dream come true and see you next time.

  38. Alexandra -

    A great experience, with a friendly and professional team! I flew with total confidence and safety, an unforgettable moment, breathtaking landscapes, with the feeling of being a bird! Thanks again ENMINUBE PARAGLIDING
    1000% recommendable

  39. Pedro -

    We flew from Teide on October 8, 2020. It was amazing, a spectacular day, the pilots great, Borja and his companions are very very nice, they taught us and explained everything, 100% recommended.

  40. Ruyman -

    An unforgettable experience, to repeat, I can only thank the great team of enminube both Borja Rogelio and Juan we will repeat for sure.

  41. Paloma -

    Excellent, I will repeat.
    Unbeatable treatment, and very good experience, peace and tranquility.
    I loved it, next trip acrobatic.

  42. Nacho -

    It couldn't be better. My second paragliding flight with them and I will repeat as soon as I can. Recommended experience for the whole family. The kids were amazed and had a great time. The instructors were charming, attentive and very professional both technically and personally.

  43. Eric -

    It is a highly recommended activity since you take off until you land is a complete spectacle.
    Also an excellent treatment and very professional.

  44. Lurdes -

    It is a highly recommended activity since you take off until you land is a complete spectacle.
    Also an excellent treatment and very professional.

  45. Victor -

    An unforgettable experience. It was beautiful. I was a little scared, but I felt great thanks to the professionalism of the team and the beauty of the views. Totally recommended.

  46. Javier -

    An incredible experience in my first walk in the clouds, I hope to repeat soon, thank you.

  47. Ibai -

    Amazing! A unique experience with a very nice and attentive staff!!!! The first time we did something like this but after this experience surely not the last!!!

  48. Joel Glez -

    Incredible experience. We were 3 people and we were all delighted from start to finish. From the treatment of the instructors (which is 10), to the experience of flying (it was our first time).
    Repeatable and 100% recommendable.
    We are already looking for next routes!

  49. Fatima (verified owner) -

    Last week I gave my boyfriend a flight with ENMINUBE and I joined the experience... And it turned out that it was also a gift for me! I was speechless to describe what I was feeling... We will repeat for sure and we will do it with the guys from ENMINUBE. Thank you, Manuel, Borja, Juan, for the professionalism, the closeness, the empathy..., for making us feel safe and calm, for offering us the possibility to enjoy like children. See you soon!

    • Support -

      Ooh Fatima! How nice your comment! Thank you very much to you!!! =) A hug!

  50. Lourdes -

    Only good things I can say about my experience, my first time has been with you and you knew how to make the experience great, I felt very calm and safe, taken care of and comfortable 🙂

  51. Menchu Estrella -

    Today we did our first paragliding flight, we left Izaña and arrived at Olaya Jardín. What can I say that has not been said about this experience? That I flipped in colors. The team was incredible and of course it is very easy with them. They are professionals like the top of a pine tree. Thank you for making my dream come true.

  52. Loli -

    A good experience, security, confidence without a doubt I would repeat 100% recommended thanks Borja.

  53. Loli -

    A good experience. A great team, confidence, security, I would definitely repeat, thanks Borja. 100% recommended.

  54. Manu -

    It has been an amazing experience accompanied by the best professionals, I would definitely repeat. Thank you Borja!

  55. Ana Martín -

    Great experience, very professional and fun. I learned a lot and had a great time: 100% recommended.
    Thank you team!

  56. Samantha -

    It was an unforgettable experience. Super professional and very friendly. Keep it up 🙂

  57. Lucia -

    Amazing!!! first time flying and it would not have been possible to have a better experience! Thanks to all the team because you are the ones that make this a 5 star experience!!! Thank you for the best ride through the clouds!

  58. ALMU -

    An Incredible Experience. With the best equipment. Wonderful views. Thank you Borja for making me feel free
    A 10 of Score

  59. Paula -

    An unforgettable experience! And all in part thanks to you!!!! Thank you so much for making this possible! For loving your work and making us enjoy it even more!!!! 100% recommended and the weather could not have been better, next time with clouds hehehehe a greeting.

  60. Francisco -

    Very professional. They inspire tranquility, security and confidence. Excellent treatment. Highly recommended experience.

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