Paragliding Gift Ticket

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Paragliding gift !

Give the gift of a unique experience, flying in tandem paragliding in Tenerife. Make your favorite person's dream come true. A gift they will never forget!

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Give the gift of a tandem paragliding flight.

Give one of the best experiences, a tandem paragliding flight. Paragliding, jumping, jumping, there are many ways to say it, but to feel it, only one.
That's why we encourage you to come and share or come to try the sensation of free flight.
Do not miss the opportunity to live or make live the experience of flying in a tandem paragliding. Get a gift ticket and surprise.
We assure you that you will not regret it.
This plan includes:

Transportation by enminubevan to the takeoff, from the meeting point.

2. Tandem paragliding flight of 30-35 minutes.

3. Transportation by enminube van from the landing site to the original meeting place.

4. Photographic report.

5. Civil Liability Insurance.

Remember that after the purchase we will contact you to specify the date you want to fly.

Type of Flight

Excursion, Performance, Aerobatic


Puerto de la Cruz, El Teide, Los Realejos, Taganana

87 reviews on Paragliding Ticket Regalo

  1. OLAIA -

    An unforgettable experience! 100% recommended. A very professional and super attentive team! We had a great time and we will definitely repeat! Thank you very much to all the enminube team!

  2. Ismael -

    totally recommendable. the security of flying with professionals with years of experience is a plus.

  3. Isaac and Carla -

    Impressive experience totally recommendable. We went to the enminube team recommended by a friend who had tried it, at first we had our doubts, since it was the first time that my partner and I did an aerial activity of this type.
    We got in touch with Borja who from the first minute transmitted us security and confidence.
    I flew with Borja and my partner with Samuel, it was an unforgettable experience that we will surely repeat with them when we return to the island.

  4. José Gregorio -

    An incleible people, with team spirit and very profecionales..recomendable to 100×100.
    It is one of the most satisfying activities that can be done.
    A hug to the whole team.


    Super mega recommended! Team of professionals, serious, careful, attentive. From the beginning to the end excellent. A unique flight with unique people.

  6. Leyre Taboada Mayoral -

    BESTIAL! Starting with the team, all so attentive and friendly, it's nice to talk to them, especially Borja, who transmits you a lot of security and tranquility, but especially my pilot, Samu, so nice! I had a great time on the flight! Thank you!
    Flying like a bird with the Teide in front of me is the most beautiful thing I have done in this year living in Tenerife, and surely the most amazing experience I have ever done. The feeling of peace up there is not comparable with anything, the pleasure of going through the clouds and seeing the circular rainbow with your shadow inside seems magical and the fast turns are the best! I laughed so much!
    THANK YOU ALL so much for making this dream come true.
    We are looking forward to repeat!

  7. Fanny -

    To repeat without a doubt, wonderful experience and a spectacular treatment!

  8. Manel Méndez -

    Exquisite treatment and great team both personally and professionally.
    The flying scenery has a great orography to look for updrafts. The flight was very short!
    A hug and thanks for everything!

    Anna and Manel

  9. jaime -

    Experience recommended 100×100.
    The day was magnificent and the flight incredible.
    The deal great, professionals who transmit good work and tranquility.
    I will repeat.

  10. Noelia -

    A perfect day. The experience was unforgettable and the treatment was great, a great team of professionals, who make you enjoy the flight. 100% recommended!!!!. Thank you very much guys.

  11. Douchka -

    Unrepeatable experience! The pilots are very professional, they give you a lot of tranquility to enjoy this experience that I recommend to everyone!

  12. Jhosua -

    An impressive experience, and with a great team of professionals!

  13. Mercedes Frias -

    A wonderful experience, organized by some magnificent professionals!!!

  14. Carles -

    Excellent professional and human team.
    Highly recommended to enjoy a paragliding jump with them, from the top of the island to the coast.
    Thank you Juan Manuel, Borja and the rest of the team.
    A big hug
    Carles (Barcelona)

  15. José and Julia -

    Simply thank you for the flight, we had a great time, looking forward to fly again from another departure point with you, thank you very much for everything team, a hug ....

  16. Luli -

    Magnificent experience and very good monitors, they transmit you a lot of tranquility, highly recommended.

  17. Alejandro -

    Simply sensational. I will definitely repeat with such professional people.

  18. Eva H -

    Great flight, great experience, great people. Thank you!!!

  19. Cristina García Bartels -


  20. Carmen -

    Great people who give you the confidence you need to live the experience with peace of mind.
    Thank you very much for making me spend 10 on my birthday.

  21. Juan Ignacio Fernandez -

    Incredible experience, highly recommended and the enminube team very professional and attentive. Thanks guys for making me spend one of my best experiences. Hugs.

  22. Anna -

    Despite my great vertigo (just to say that in the plane Madrid-Tenerife and Tenerife-Madrid I had tears in my eyes...) I overcame this challenge thanks to the tranquility that gave me listening to the monitors during the trip before the activity, they are great professionals and you can tell that they have great experience.
    I am infinitely grateful to you for having collaborated in my shock therapy 😉.

  23. Belen -

    It has been an incredible experience and the monitors were very nice and very personal. Thank you all!

  24. Read -

    Magnifique moment je le recommande a tous.Les encadrants sont au top a l'écoute,patient,de vrai professionnel. Merci surtout a Borka et a toute l'équipe

  25. Jaime -

    An amazing experience. Unbelievable! I had the time of my life! Very nice monitors, no problem. A real luxury! 100% recommended and to repeat as many times as you want!!! Thank you very much!

  26. Daniel -

    Unforgettable experience!!!... professionals in their work, I recommend 100% the best birthday I could celebrate... thanks guys.

  27. Gem -

    Incredible experience! I would repeat without hesitation, a thousand thanks to the enminube team, you are a crack! You made us spend a great morning in addition to the good recommendations you gave us on the island! It's a pleasure to meet people like you. Best regards

  28. PACO -

    A 10, yes sir, thanks to all the enminube team for making this an unforgettable experience. Good laughs, good atmosphere, and always helping in everything we needed. Borja provided us with additional info on what to do on the island, thank you all very much.

  29. Jesus -

    Great unforgettable experience. Highly recommended to see Tenerife in a different way and to get to know it better. Great group, very friendly and above all professional.

  30. Adam -

    It was an unforgettable experience, I would like to repeat. The staff was very kind and friendly. Thank you Borja and all the enminube team.

  31. Nacho -

    Bufff... a great experience! you have to live it at least once in your life, don't think about it, go!
    See you guys next time!

  32. Cristina -

    A wonderful experience, very friendly and attentive staff, I recommend it.

  33. David Carrillo -

    A spectacular flight, very attentive staff and you can tell they like what they do, I recommend it, spectacular views that you will NEVER see unless you do this activity. I said it ..... I RECOMMEND IT

  34. Ari -

    Unbelievable! It has been an unforgettable experience: the treatment was wonderful, they are very attentive, they explained everything very well, the flight was unbeatable, the views indescribable,... everything I can say is not enough. Highly recommended.
    Thank you very much

  35. Mary Luz -

    An experience unmatched by anything experienced before. The closest thing to flying like a bird. The instructors made me feel safe from the first minute. Their experience and control of the situation at all times. Of course I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel what it's like to fly.

  36. Fabian -

    An unforgettable experience in an incomparable setting. With a spectacular group of people. We will repeat, without a doubt.100% recommended, you will not regret it!!!!Thank you very much for everything! You are cracks!!!!!

  37. Juan l. -

    A highly recommended experience even for people who suffer from vertigo, my case.
    Enjoying a paragliding flight from the forest crown, with a highly professional team and always attentive to the needs made it a 5* moment.

  38. Blanca -

    Finding people who know and make you feel comfortable makes you fall in love. That's what happened to me with the enminube team, professional, simple, fun and, above all, knowledgeable about their work. Flying with them has been wonderful. The exquisite treatment adds up to a unique experience, surprising, safe and highly recommended for all types of people, the most adventurous and risky and the most fearful like me. In any case you will feel comfortable and happy. That's what happened to Dani and me. Congratulations team!

  39. Laura -

    A 10! Very attentive people and totally recommended!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  40. Ramiro Laborda -

    A 10. I went with my partner and it was our first flight for both of us. The feeling of flying is indescribable, sure we will repeat. And to top it all off, the photos we took as a souvenir were spectacular. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  41. Nuria -

    Minutes before takeoff I thought I would not have the will to do it, but the professionalism and dedication of the instructor, Borja, made the flight experience incredible and rewarding. At the end, when I touched the ground again, the only thing I was fully aware of is that I want to fly again.
    I would like to value the professionalism of the whole Enminube team, they are charming and very close people, ready at all times to make us enjoy the most of this amazing experience and 100% recommendable.

  42. Roxana -

    For me a positive personal achievement with intense sensations difficult to describe.
    The place was amazing, the pilot who accompanied me was charming Rogelio, always aware of everything and the team in general was very good.
    An experience that I will recommend as something that you can not fail to do at some point in your life.

    A big hug to the team

  43. Guillermo -

    On a personal level a recommendable experience, the professionalism of the team at all times transmit confidence and security.
    Added to all this the kindness and the gift of people of the whole team have made me feel like a friend.
    Greetings to the team.

  44. daniel suarez ceballos -


  45. Paula -

    An unforgettable experience to repeat without a doubt! Excellent and very attentive team

  46. Cristina Aduen -

    My dream repeated for years became real !!! !!! An incredible experience , the guys super nice and very professional , 100% recommendable ..... we will repeat !!!

  47. Fernando -

    Experience 100% Recommended

    The whole team are great professionals.

    I would jump again without a doubt.

    Greetings Joseba and Borja!

  48. Soraya -

    A unique and unforgettable experience, to repeat without a doubt!
    Thank you very much for everything Borja & team, we had a great time!
    See you soon!

  49. Josefa Calvo -

    At the age of 69 I have made my first paragliding flight and thanks to the extraordinary professionals of Enminube it was a wonderful experience.
    I will repeat at the age of 70 and I encourage all older people who have the illusion to live an experience like this to do it. The people at Enminube with their exquisite treatment will make you feel calm, safe and happy.
    Thank you very much to the whole team for their kindness and charm.

  50. Cintia -

    An incredible experience, I loved it!!!!

  51. Néstor Rodríguez Méndez -

    People 10 = experience 10, totally recommendable both for the experience itself and for the Enminube team.

  52. Noel -

    An incredible experience, great team, super close people, unbeatable treatment. I will repeat soon and I will recommend everyone to try the experience with this team. Great and thank you very much for everything. See you soon!

  53. David Martinez -

    Within the activities of a bachelor party, we hired a tandem flight for the future groom since he is afraid of flying. Well ... he returned delighted with the experience!
    Incredible the good treatment received by the people of enminube, both before, during and after the activity.
    Personally, I will return to the island in the future and something very strange would have to happen for me not to do the flight.
    Thank you very much!

  54. tjlgirasol -

    Great! Yes I will visit Tenerife again. I'm going to fly again too. I love that experience. Very professional and friendly. Thank you very much!

  55. Michel Clédat -

    An unforgettable experience, a magical moment.
    The team is very professional and friendly.
    I recommend it to everyone.
    I will come back.

  56. Santiago León -

    Magnificent experience. The sensations are unique.
    The team is fantastic, they make it very easy, they make you feel very safe and radiate tranquility and control.

  57. Pablo León Gil -

    Incredible experience! I convinced my parents to go and they loved it, we will definitely repeat with the rest of the family. All the instructors were great and very friendly, great professionals.

  58. Paolo&Paola -

    It has been an unforgettable experience, thank you very much to the enminube team, you are all very professional and fun.

  59. Veronica -

    A highly recommended experience!!! You spend the time "flying". You feel very safe with them and enjoy some very cool views with very nice pilots.

  60. Laura -

    Excellent experience and incredible professionals!

    You cannot leave Tenerife without trying this experience with these professionals.

  61. Marlon -

    Excellent experience flying with enminube pilots. Overflow of professionalism, mastery of the subject, attention and kindness. Thank you very much to all and I'm sure we'll see you soon.

  62. Gene -

    A great experience. Thank you very much for everything. We will fly together again...

  63. David -

    Wonderful experience. The incredible human team, very professional and friendly, they make you feel comfortable and safe at all times, you just have to enjoyrr!!!!. The scenery unforgettable, to take off from a National Park with the Teide next to you is priceless.
    Highly recommended, I plan to repeat.

  64. Marta -

    A highly recommended experience. The treatment of the team, the tranquility and professionalism they transmit is excellent.
    I recommend that everyone who wants to paraglide do it with Enminube!
    We will meet again because I assure you that I will repeat.
    Thank you very much for everything.

  65. nicolas -

    une équipe géniale, une ambiance géniale, une expérience géniale, un moment inoubliable
    thank you guys very much for everything, and don't change .... you are GREAT...

  66. David -

    The experience is unforgettable and the whole team are true PROFESSIONALS who take care that everything goes perfectly. They transmit tranquility and confidence.
    I recommend it without any doubt and do not hesitate to repeat again.
    Thank you very much to the whole team, Borja, Joseba, Horacio and especially the instructor Luisma for making me spend an incredible afternoon.

  67. Paula -

    I loved flying with them, it was super nice and the guys are very friendly, I will definitely repeat.

  68. Mercedes -

    A recommendable experience!!! A great team of professionals that transmit security and confidence. Thank you very much

  69. Angel -

    Everything is great the organization makes the flight a great experience

    Thank you guys

    I will be back

  70. Angel -

    All great the environment and the very friendly guys are great and the experience is unique.
    Thank you guys
    I will be back

  71. Miguel Angel Bastida -

    A unique and unforgettable experience. At 61 years old, after a couple of them thinking about it, I finally decided and I will certainly repeat as soon as I can.
    My thanks to the whole team for their infinite patience and especially to Borja, professionals like the top of a pine tree.
    Thank you very much !!!!

  72. Francisco Báez Durán -

    An unforgettable flight, the best thing was the Enminube team, very good professionals.

  73. Ángel Domínguez de León -

    A highly recommended experience.
    The EnmiNube team shows a kindness and professionalism that make the experience unique. A fantastic flight... an experience that I will repeat for sure!
    Greetings to the whole team and especially to Rogelio!

  74. Vanessa -

    An incredible experience that I want to repeat yaaa!!!! And a wonderful team that made the experience even more spectacular. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!

  75. Claudia -

    Highly recommended! It was my first paragliding experience but I would definitely repeat. The team is super nice, the views of Teide are amazing, the experience of flying and going through the clouds is also very cool. I think I was smiling all the way through the whole trip. Thanks a lot to enminube! A hug and see you next time!

  76. Diego -

    An incredible experience and doubly impressive for the views with the sunset of the island, the professionals help you at all times and make you feel comfortable and the final photos are great! Thanks to Borja and special thanks to Horacio a crack!!!! When I return to the island I will repeat the experience

  77. Anais -

    Yesterday my partner and I jumped from Teide and we had a great time, we enjoyed it to the fullest and we will surely jump again. We strongly recommend it as well as the good treatment of the guys.

  78. Jorge -

    Highly recommended, very rewarding experience and very attentive, friendly and professional staff. No doubt you have to try it!

  79. Chris Hanson -

    My fiance and I were blown away but how incredibly wonderful this event was for us both. Enminube are professional, super fun and were able to make this experience incredible for us both.

    Thank you very much!

  80. JACOB -

    An incredible experience, I encourage you all to try it, it will be money very well invested in one of those things that you have to live at least once, lansensación is indescribable, the hand of some great professionals who give you security and comfort from the beginning.duda repeat. Cheer up!

  81. Elena -

    The experience is fantastic, it allows you to see incredible landscapes, from a different perspective. And the team is unbeatable, it transmits a great tranquility and good vibes from the first minute. 100% recommendable... THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  82. Maria Elena Cuenca -

    The paragliding trip with the Enminube team was ideal! I was a little scared, as I was going to do the experience for the first time and alone, but it was perfect in every way! The guys encouraged me a lot and reassured me, making the flight one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had. They are also completely professional and have a very long experience in paragliding flights. Without a doubt, I will repeat when I come back to the island 🙂
    A big hug to all of you! It was fantastic!

  83. Macarena -

    A unique experience, which together with the professionalism, attention and experience of the whole team, make dreams like mine come true. I will repeat.
    Thanks Borja and all the team of my cloud.

  84. Juliette -

    I thank the whole team for this wonderful moment which has been extraordinary. You are super sympathetic, attentive and professional. This flight will remain memorable in my mind. It is unbelievable to be able to travel in such a great landscape in safety.
    Encore merci à mon compagnon de vol et à l'équipe pour l'organisation impeccable.

  85. Daxi -

    Highly recommended, unforgettable. Thank you very much for your professionalism and kindness!!!!! ?

  86. Second -

    If kindness were a person, it would be reflected in the enminube pilots. True professionals of paragliding. I could not say (because I did not ask) if they are psychologists, but if they are not, they seem to be. They radiate a lot of peace and tranquility, and when you finish the flight it's an indescribable joy because of how much fun you have. I don't want to be tiresome because I would be writing for hours and I wouldn't stop praising these guys, who made me immensely happy on my 66th birthday. I'm counting the days because I'm burning with the desire to repeat, I'm sure I'll repeat. These guys are PERSONIFIED KINDNESS. A hug Borja and colleagues.

  87. Francisco -

    Highly recommended

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