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Who is behind Enminube Paragliding?

Enminube Paragliding was born in 2010 from the hand of a group of friends passionate about free flight, more specifically, paragliding in Tenerife. Currently we have a great team of pilots, some with more than 30 years of experience. We introduce ourselves =)

The team

Manuel Ramos

I started paragliding in 1990. Since my first flight, I knew that this would be an important part of my life and so it was. Audiovisual producer by profession, I have combined this sport almost every minute of free time and so until my daughter Julieta was born in 2007. From then on, I had to manage my schedule a little better (If you are a parent, you will know what I'm talking about). =) 

I start in Enminube, professionally in 2010 with my partner and friend Borja Roig. What can go wrong? We got together two paragliding freaks friends and with the desire to teach everyone who wants it, what is free flight, what is paragliding.

Borja Roig

Surely conditioned by the image projected by hang gliders flying over my hometown of Puerto de la Cruz in the 80's, and by the hobby shared with my brother for everything that had to do with the aerial environment, my childhood dream was to fly, and it materialized 20 years later initiating me in the sport of paragliding.
Years later, the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time, gave me the opportunity to embark on the Enminube project, which since its inception and until today, has not only been my profession, so different from any other, but a way of life. 
your flight in expert hands

Paragliding Company in Tenerife

We don't know in what way, but what is certain is that we have been involved in a friendly, fun and coordinated work environment.

We are convinced that, in part, this is due to the professionalism and good nature of the people who make up this team. Educated people, fun and eager to teach anyone who wants to, the sensations of paragliding. 

If you feel like giving it a try, we will be happy to accompany you ...

Qualified Flight Instructors

Our pilots have their corresponding federative title that certifies them as professionals in the discipline of tandem paragliding.

Registered and Endorsed Company

Enminube Paragliding is a legally constituted Tandem Paragliding company and is included in the registry of complementary activities of the Government of the Canary Islands Nº NR_38_4_0000241.

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