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Paragliding is a unique experience and that's why we design tailor-made plans for you to enjoy it to the fullest. Choose yours!

Paragliding Tenerife North
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paragliding tenerife north


Paragliding Tenerife north



Gift flight for your favorite person

There is no more original and unforgettable gift than a tandem paragliding experience among the clouds. Enjoying Tenerife in paragliding will be the most exciting gift your favorite person has ever received.

In this surprise plan we include:

Who is behind Enminube ?

We know how important it is to guarantee your safety, confidence and well-being when paragliding in Tenerife. Therefore, we have a team 100% committed to offer you an amazing flight.

The Enminube Paragliding Team

Professionals for a high level experience ...


Our priority is to guarantee your protection during the paragliding flight in Tenerife. That's why we work with certified and carefully checked equipment to ensure a 100% risk-free experience.


Our paragliding pilots have all the necessary qualifications and more than 20 years of experience in the practice of this sport. No worries, just fun!


Our attention is 100% personalized from the moment you make your reservation until your feet are back on the ground.

We focus on offering you a friendly, close and fun treatment to make your Paragliding experience in Tenerife unforgettable.


We make your dream flight come true no matter what! Therefore, we not only adapt to your personal preferences, but also to the limitations of people with disabilities . Tell us about your case to evaluate the available options! 


Why choose us for your Tenerife paragliding flight?

We are backed by more than 35 years of experience in this incredible sport and an undeniable passion for the adventure of paragliding in Tenerife.

Every step we take is based on essential values such as safety, professionalism, top quality attention and the motivation to offer an unforgettable experience to each of our paragliders in Tenerife.

The areas for your adventure are in Tenerife

Where to do Paragliding in Tenerife?

The possibilities are endless! Enminube you will enjoy every unique corner of the island from the best perspective. Whether you dream of paragliding in Tenerife North, on the Teide or Puerto de la Cruz

We will make it happen! 

Your day of Paragliding


Contact us

A few days before, after confirming the weather conditions, we will contact you to arrange the time and place of the meeting.


Meeting point

Depending on the area you have chosen to paraglide in Tenerife, we will meet at the meeting place, previously established.


Transportation to flight zone

We start the trip to the take-off point in vans with a duration of 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the chosen flight zone.


Before take-off

We will confirm that the weather conditions are as expected and we will continue with the explanatory meeting about the flight plan, take-off, flight and landing.


During the flight

You don't have to worry about anything, just relax and enjoy. You will be sitting comfortably in your harness. We will be watching you all the time (ask for your HD video) take off, flight and landing.


Once on the ground

We will celebrate with you your Paragliding flight in Tenerife, the van will pick us up and we will return to the meeting point. We assure you that on the way back, you will remember the phrase we mentioned from Leonardo Davinci.



For us it will have been a pleasure to accompany you in your paragliding flight in Tenerife. We know the special sensations you will feel and it is an honor to be able to enjoy it with you. That same day we will send you an email with your photo report so you can remember your experience.

Do you have any doubts? We will try to clear it up...


As easy as calling this phone number 606977920, or writing to info@enminubeparapente.com. We will automatically reserve the place or places. One day before we will confirm that the weather conditions are appropriate and if so, we will indicate you the place and time to pick you up or pick you up and go to the takeoff... =)
Depending on the area chosen to fly, and the corresponding transfer times, the total duration of the activity is around two to three hours, including travel, preparations and the flight itself.
We have our own vehicle with official transport card, with which we will pick you up at the usual meeting point to the flying area (La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz, Güímar or Adeje) to take you and your instructor to the take-off point.
In this case you will be able to change the date of your flight to try another day with good weather. If you have made an early purchase and no other dates are available, we will refund the full amount of your purchase.
Schedules will depend on weather conditions and the season of the year. It will be the day before your flight, when we will confirm which schedules are the most suitable, on the date you have booked. These are usually 9:00, 12:00 and 16:00.
It is not necessary to bring anything special, you should wear comfortable clothes, preferably sporty, and it is important to wear long pants and closed sport shoes. D
In flight, the wind chill is lower than the actual temperature, so it is advisable to wear a light coat, and we will provide you with a windbreaker and gloves so that you do not get cold during the activity.
Yes, the helmet fastening system for the flight, which will be provided by the instructor, avoids losing any type of glasses. You can fly with both prescription glasses and sunglasses.
Yes, to be able to fly within the safety margins, your weight must be between 35 kg and 120 kg. If your weight is close to these limits, it is advisable to inform us at the time of booking.
Yes, the passenger's age cannot exceed 70 years old, according to the clauses subscribed in the accident and rescue insurance that covers the activity. Minors may fly with a declaration of consent signed by an adult who declares to be the minor's guardian.
It is not necessary. Your instructor will fly with a high resolution camera with which he will take spectacular pictures during the flight, which will be sent to you by email the same day of the activity. These pictures are included in the price.

Yes, you can purchase a gift card, either buying it through our website, or picking it up in person at our address in La Laguna. This card can be purchased to fly in the area and type of flight that you indicate, and has six months from the date of delivery to be redeemed.

In Enminube we follow an elementary principle of aviation and that is that "Safety comes first" when it comes to paragliding. To ensure protection we have all the necessary security measures to enjoy the most incredible and totally risk-free flight. We have a qualified professional staff with the relevant federal titles to be flight instructors.

Your backpack or bag will be safe in our van while you enjoy the clouds, so you don't have to worry.

We will pick you and your instructor up with our vehicle at the landing point to return together to the meeting point, hoping that you have had an unforgettably happy experience =).

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